Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking at 2009

Thanks to all of you out there I can't believe how great the holiday season went for my etsy retail store. I sold all of my posted Large Knitting Bags and then some! I wished at the time I had more to offer, but I was slowed down by an entourage of family illnesses and hardly made it to the studio at all.

Finally with the return of school for my kids, I'm back in the shop. I'm including a 2 in 1 diaper/knitting bag. They are designed to look like a knitting bag on the outside, with a cute baby theme like dolls or ducks on the inside. When the diaper bag is no longer needed to haul around stuff for your little ones, it can be used as an "easier knitting" knitting bag for making them hats and mittens. Some bags will have a center divider pocket and others will not. Some will have a messenger length shoulder strap, some will have the shorter. We like choices. I do however, omit the narrow needle pockets and leave the space as a larger pocket. I still use vinyl on the inside for easy clean-up, have extra snaps, the yarn feed hole and of course all the other pockets. Check 'em out.

Also, thanks to the wonderful crafting tips I gathered from the Etsy Storque Resources and a helpful Etsian, I've also improved the design of my small pouches. They look like they should be easy to put together, but if you don't know the tricks they can be frustrating. They'll be great for all those miscellaneous items.

I'm excited for the coming year and to see the direction my business takes me. I'm busy as a bee with too much to do and such little time, so back to work. Bzzzzz.

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