Friday, October 24, 2008

The Space Where It All Happens

As you can see my studio is neat and organized.(Not) And oh so stylish!... We're working on that. I can't function if I'm not organized! But when you have 2 small boys who love to be creative too, this is what you get.

I just purchased an additional sewing machine. Not completely impressed, but I don't really want to go through the process of returning it. It was an internet sale. I'm thinking I should have bought locally. It is faster than my older machine and I do like the color of it.
My wonderful father in-law gave the white machine to me and I'm sure it's over 30 years old. My mother in-law sewed with it years ago. I's a Necci, it's Italian-made and it rocks. It's too small and a bit too slow, but what a work horse.
As you can see out the window, that is a hen house. The girls are snug inside their condo at the moment. I haven't gone out to let them out yet. When I have the window open they can hear the machine and cluck. They keep me company and well fed. We love our free range eggs. They are the best!

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