Friday, October 9, 2009

My make shift White Box?

I can not believe Summer is gone and Fall is not far behind. The holiday season is upon me and I HAD to come up with a better situation for my product photos for my Etsy shop.
The other day I finally found the inspiration to tackle my product photo problem, and created a... what they call in the business... "white box". I thought I was going to have to purchase one and then I came upon a blog post on how to make one out of foam core. Great Idea right? And much cheaper!
But then... I eyed a heap of some things,"I just can't get rid of yet", in the corner of my studio and suddenly it came to fruition. An even cheaper solution! And FREE! That's why I was keeping those things!
She's not too pretty, but she's big enough for my bags. The best part is the old wooden table base, has hinges. So I can fold it up and stuff it away. Sweet. Another upcycling success story.

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